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5 Mini-Events to Throw this Summer

5 Mini-Events to Throw this Summer

We live in such interesting times, don’t we? Who would have thought that many of us would be working from home on the regular a year ago (no complaints here though)?

As a social butterfly staying home had its pros and cons…but something was missing. Oh Yeah, the actual social interaction that humans were meant to have.

We all have been in numerous group chats at this point and having to catch up on all the convos you missed because you have an odd work schedule just seemed like another job. I missed seeing my friends so it was time to get creative but also be cautious and mindful of what other people were comfortable with.

After some in-depth conversations and meetups, these were the results:

5 Mini-Events to Throw this Summer

  • Chacuterie Board Night – This is a fantastic idea for a small group of people. Pretty easy to do and all it takes is a quick stop to the grocery store. This is basically a more sophisticated version of lunacbles and nothing is really out of the question. I have seen baord themes from your basic wine and cheese to full on dessert boards, possibilties are endless and you can cater to everyones needs.
  • Board Game Night – This one is an easy one and has definitely been a favorite before quarantine. Some easy and popular games for my friends and family are board games like sequence and rummikub. Card games like Monoply deal and Uno flip do make apperances. You can also never go wrong with a deck of cards either.
  • Jackbox/Trivia – If you havent heard of Jackbox you should check it out sometime. You do have to buy the gamepack but you use your phone as the controller. They have a wide variaty of games and you can have up to 8 players in some of them. My favorite is the Murder Part Mystery 2, creepy vibes but it can get real heated when trivia is on the line.
  • Movie Marathons – Well this one is for a lazy sunday. Pick out your favorite movies or series and make it an event where you have themed food or decor and people can dress up as their favorite characters and you all have a great time watching reruns and playing games. From Harry Potter, The Office, Lord of the Rings, Parks and Recreation, Star Wars, MCU, etc., you get the idea.
  • Picnics – Since it’s the summer this makes sense. Grab some snacks and some buddies and head out to a park to sit and relax and enjoy mother nature. There so many cute concepts you can do or keep it simple and the best part of being outdoors is all that fresh air.

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