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7 Tips To Make Your Amalfi Coast Trip Effortless

7 Tips To Make Your Amalfi Coast Trip Effortless
Amalfi Marina

To make sure your trip is easy, these are my 7 Tips to Make you Amalfi Coast Trip Effortless.

Tip 1: Make sure you fly into Naples

Once you get to the airport, you’ll have to take a cab or public transport to Amalfi Coast. 

I originally flew into Roman had to take a I train down to Naples and then an hour and a half taxi ride which was €120 to get to the Airbnb in Amalfi. Mind you the Airbnb was far from the marina and the cab driver got lost dropping me off. 

Tip 2: Buy a Sim card

Connection can get a bit spotty especially when you’re on the coast.

Best way to communicate with an airbnb host and incase of emergencies is to have a working phone.

Tip 3: Buy water

Highly recommend picking up a couple bottles if you can at the airport just to throw in a backpack because you just never know. Also, would recommend trying out their sparkling water it’s the Fiuggi.

If you’re reading this and you go to Italy please bring me back a case please.

Tip 4: As soon as you’re in Amalfi find a convenience store buy a bus ticket, or multiple bus tickets

This is a lesson I learned very quickly since the Airbnb had a bus stop right next to it and I waited for the bus, but the bus drove right past me.

I later found out it’s because you must buy a bus pass every single time and they do not take cash in the bus. Bright side is that 30-minute walk to the marina was a beautiful walk.

Tip 5: Restaurants close early for breaks before dinner

Once you step into the square the first thing you see is a beautiful fountain and beyond that the staircase that leads up to a church.

It’s easy to get distracted.

At this point I was just so ready to jump into the food.

In the first restaurant we went to they already finished their lunch service and they’re only serving coffee and dessert cakes.

I was luckily able to find a restaurant very close to it 10 feet away that was serving lunch and I got my first bowl of pasta.

Tip 6: Check for tickets online

I later found out how crucial it was to book tickets online if possible once I got to Rome.

In Amalfi Marina they have this gorgeous church that you can pay I believe it was €3 to get into and it’s worth it just to be able to see the history and the architecture.

Tip 7: Learn basic Italian

The smiles that I got just by saying thank you in Italian was so sweet. I think it’s always nice to learn a couple words even if you can’t pronounce it all the way it shows that you do appreciate their culture.

There you have it these are my basic quick tips for you to enjoy your time at the Amalfi coast. 

As we can continue I will be sharing my itinerary and how much I was able to see in Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento, Pompeii, and Ravello in 3 days!

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