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Let’s Get Acquainted

Hey there my names Saher. I am a first generation born Indian from the United States.

I live my life with a very positive and strong outlook knowing that no matter what the circumstances, I can make it work and always am up for a challenge.

I started my journey several years ago with myspace as the first social avenue and as time progressed I moved on with the newer platforms and never really gave much thought to blogging until years later…I guess I thought no one would be interested but I know I have a special niche now.

I realized that I did have unique experiences that I would love to share with others that may have similar interests as me. I wanted to focus on travel and lifestyle but also bring out my cultural side when it comes to fashion. I draw inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. By reading my posts I hope you will learn about great places to travel in short amount of time, tips and tricks to make life easier, and even some fashion inspiration for your next event!

Thank you for giving me a chance and to end with one of favorites saying,

“there’s only one way to find out”

so I’m going to put my heart into soul to share my world with you and I hope it helps you on your journey of life.



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