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My Birthday Events With Good Vibes

My Birthday Events With Good Vibes

Where do I start? There is just so much to talk about with my Birthday Events With Good Vibes! I will be breaking this up into couple parts for sure! Let’s get this rolling…

The weekend before my actually birthday is when the celebrations actually started and it started with my family of course!

I go to my parents place quite often since I live so close by so I popped up and they had a cute display already for me when I entered the house.

It was the sweetest simple setup. I loved it.

Side-note: Also check out that amazing dual ring chandelier. This is my favorite room room now and the ambience in the evenings with just this lighting is all the comfy vibes.

After a quick mini celebration with chocolate muffins we headed to dinner!

Now we all have interesting preferences but in the end I decided the place to go grab a dinner was Sense of Thai in One Loudoun.

They have a great menu of food that catered to my families preferences in the best manner. Some seafood, vegetarian options and of course can’t forget the spice.

We ordered 3 dishes between 4 of us and it was more than enough for us.

Midnight Surprise – Birthday Events With Good Vibes Day of

Monday night I was back in my house. I was just working like I always do and what a pleasant surprise awaited me when the clock struck midnight!

My sister + her husband showed up with a cake and some flowers, the cake was espresso and GIRL I needed that.

She brought me flowers as well and my face was lit up. I was so unprepared but the love was there and i was gleaming. (Without any makeup in sight)

The amount of texts, calls, and notifications were so sweet throughout the day.

As the day continued I had dinner plans with a group fo friends for restaurant week in DC.

I headed over to Tysons as the pickup point and enjoyed some views as we waited for the rest of the party.

As soon as my other friends arrived they brought me cupcakes and these AH-MAZING sunglasses.

I was floored by the kind gesture since I am one to stay quiet and low-key about birthdays and go with the flow but see them go out of their way to show me such kindness I was truly blessed.

We wrapped our little get together to go head to our next destination in my weekend birthday celebrations, Spice Kraft.

Spice Kraft Indian Bistro

Spice Kraft is this quaint place is in a cute corner as you get into the main street before you get to what Clarendon’s nightlife is known for.

Once you walk in you can smell the aroma of the Indian spices, through the door you have a decent size restaurant that can probably accommodate 50 people easily.

As we were shown to our seats I was able to glance at the portion sizes of other peoples meals and it was pretty decent when you know Indian food can be quite heavy.

It was restaurant week they have a set menu with options usually for a fixed price. They had a single option or a double option for the quantity of food.

We were 4 so the double option worked splitting it in 4 way.

The first course was samosas (of course) a lamb stew, and a chicken appetizer. The first round was interesting since I had never had lamb stew and it wasn’t that bad at all. I just never tend to have any soups since they all are like Dahl (lentil soups)

Main dishes that were ordered an assortment from daal makhni, butter chicken, paneer dish, and vindaloo. It was a good portion for sure and we knew that we would have left overs.

Finally the dessert, which I am very picky with my choice and I instantly gravitated towards the Gulab Jamun. The others enjoyed the kheer and weren’t too impressed with another dessert choice.

Overall I would rate the place at a 7/10. The variety was nice, some of the dishes were a hit even with a limited menu, but I enjoyed the portion sizes that wouldn’t leave you hungry as you left.

Night Cap

We were in the Clarendon area we decided to talk a walk around and hit up Don Titos’s Rooftops because who doesn’t love rooftops?!?! Only thing was the elevator was broken so your girl walked up 3 flights of stairs in heels.

It was pretty empty in the first floor but there were plenty of people on the rooftop . We sat down and enjoyed the ambience and stayed for probably 30 minutes as we digested that massive meal from the place before.

It was just so wholesome to just relax and be around good company in an open environment with string lights. I just wish it wasn’t so humid or I would have been enjoyed the moment even more.

After so wonderful conversations it was time to call it a night and head back home.

On my drive back home I reflected on how amazing these past few days have been and how lucky I am to be surrounded by such great souls.


As my birthday week celebrations first half started to wind down, I had time to reflect.

After some events in the past year regarding betrayal by people close to me…this was a refreshing series of events.

A reminder that good people will always stay by your side.

Being genuine leads you to meet other genuine people and you attract like minded people.

Surround yourself with people with good vibes because it brings the best out of us.

I will leave with that until next time for Part 2 where I will be talking about day Trips, Dinners, and brunch endeavors. Thank you for reading my Birthday Events With Good Vibes, I know it was long but glad you made it.

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Till next week. Take care and stay hydrated.




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  1. Angel
    August 20, 2021 / 10:45 pm

    Oh my God. Lovely Narration. This was just playing your whole day in front of my eyes while reading. Enjoy every moment with your loved ones! <3

    • Saher
      August 23, 2021 / 1:05 am

      Thank you so much, im glad you enjoyed it.

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