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Best Morning Habits for the Busy

Best Morning Habits for the Busy

If you’re not a morning person, I get it.

It’s tough when your first true love is sleep and staying in bed with your soft sheets, all curled up in your most comfortable PJs you own.

Having a morning routine can really help motivate you and get you on the right foot as soon as you wake up.

I recommend having something that’s flexible and works for your particular needs. Start slow and add what works for your schedule.

These are just a few best morning habits for that busy person, who just needs a little motivation.

Best Morning Habits for the Busy:

  • 8:30 AM Alexa, start my day. This initiates the weather update and the morning playlist to get me up with some good tunes.
  • 8:35 AM Walk the Dog. Let me tell you if you are not a morning person and you want to be. A dog will do the trick and you get some steps in for instance. Double-win.
  • 9:00 AM Make the Bed. This little ritual just makes my room look so much more uniform and clean and I cannot do anything until it looks good.
  • 9:05 AM Skincare. Having a nice clean and moisturized face gets me in the right mindset and reminding me to take care of me and look my best. I have a guide if you need a little bit of help on K-Beauty Skincare AM routine.
  • 9:15 AM Coffee. Making a nice cup of in the morning to get my gears turning in my mind does wonders to my productivity. Thank you Nespresso. My skincare got me looking good and my coffee got me feeling good.
  • 9:20 AM Water. Water is essential. Having water on my desk helps me stay hydrated throughout the day and it’s great when I finish so I can get up and refill it and get a quick break in.
  • 9:25 AM Plan my day. As a result of writing things down and seeing a visual of my day, I can see where I need to focus my time on certain tasks.
  • 9:30 AM Ready, Set, Go. At this point I have everything I need to be successful and productive in the day.

This is just an example of what can be done and it doesn’t take that much effort.

Switch up your routine and maybe add a workout, yoga, or even mediation, etc., the possibilities are truly endless.

I hope this has given you a slight kickstart to your day and remember all it takes is one step at a time.


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