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Quick Makeup Guide

Quick Makeup Guide

Makeup can be intimidating when starting out.

There are a lot or products and a lot of steps that can get very confusing. Who wouldn’t want a quick makeup guide?

Walking through the halls of high school with the bare minimum on my face only of good days because makeup wasn’t cheap and was used on special occassions.

I didn’t have much exposure to the world of makeup since all I knew were the basics that were just foundation and eyeliner. There weren’t many resources back in high school like there were now.

The true bloom and love started when I was in college. 4 Years and so many social events.

Also a job definitely helps fund this expensive and not so expensive habit.

The next resource that I had was YouTube. There is so much talent online and it’s my go-to when I need tutorials. It took sometime but I was able to see more people with my skin-tone that really helped me level up.

Every time I watched a new video there was a new way to put your makeup on, I would confuse myself since it’s truly a personal preference the how to use all products.

I would write down the steps so I could remember it next time I decide I need to go out. Somehow it never occurred to me that I should have it sitting on my vanity. All the trees I could have saved.

Years later the idea hit me and I decided that I should make a quick makeup guide that could help someone else that maybe starting out on their makeup journey.

Remember, trends change all the time but there are several products that always will be a staple in the makeup routine. Pick and choose what works for you.

Hope you enjoy this quick makeup guide!

Make-Up Steps Guide

Quick Makeup Guide


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