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Simple K-Beauty Breakdown

Simple K-Beauty Breakdown

10 steps say what?!?

I know I can sound intimidating at first but I promise K-Beauty isn’t that hard if you break it down.

The benefits of the 10 step process is infinite and works on all skin types. If your goal is to have beautiful and healthy skin then you have to spend time on achieving those results.

I was first introduced to K-beauty in 2017 when I actually visited South Korea. They have beauty stores everywhere and the best part was it was affordable.

Very affordable that without prior research I kept going to so many and just bought whatever looked cute, which I have no regrets about at all.

There are plenty of products in the regiment so you will have a lot of options when picking what suits your skintype. Next time I go I will have a dedicated suitcase to bring back some products you can’t find here.

To help anyone starting on their K-Beauty Skincare journey, here is a guide that breaks-down each step. It’s nice to know the actual benefit for each product.

If there are areas of that you need to spend time more you know where you can to have the best benefit for healthy slowly skin overall.

Some of my favorite brands that I use frequently are: TonyMoly and Cosrx

If you are doing your AM routine and are planning to set your makeup for the day I have a guide for that too. Right here!

Take a deep breathe, throw on a relaxing playlist, and get to it.

Welcome to my Simple K-Beauty Breakdown for Beginners:


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