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Staple Pieces For My New York Weekend Trip

Staple Pieces For My New York Weekend Trip

If you have a weekend trip coming up let me show you how to style key pieces

First off congratulations to you for planning and making this trip possible. Get ready to make memories that are going to last you a life time. I hope that these staple pieces for my New York weekend trip will come in handy.

As someone that has done a lot of trial and error while traveling, I have finally figured out how to keep myself sane by not overpacking and getting stuck hauling 75% of things I will just never wear.

My first tip is to plan out your trip if you haven’t already and jot down how many outfits you are going to need for that particular day. I usually have a day outfit and a night outfit to make things easier.

In this post I will walk you through a quick way to have 4 outfits with some key pieces.

The first thing that I would recommend packing is a black mini dress. I suggest this because you can never go wrong with a black mini dress and you can also layer it. The one I would suggest is the SKIMs black dress. It is so lightweight and comfy.

This is perfect if you need to go from a daytime outfit to and evening one in a blink of an eye.

The second recommendation to compliment the dress I would pick a pair of jeans that would coordinate with it. This could check off your casual day time look. I picked some white jeans from Zara to give that contrast.

The third recommendation is a flow maxi dress that you can throw on for a cute brunch outfit. This would be the top layer of your outfit.

My last recommendation would be to have a cardigan or coverup that you can throw onto of any of these outfits to give an additional outfit that works with the other 3.

To Break it down:

  • Bottom Layer: Black Midi Dress (Dinner Look)
  • Middle Layer: Black Midi Dress + Jeans (Daytime/lunch Look)
  • Top Layer: Flowy Maxi Dress (Brunch Look)
  • Extra: Sweater/Cover-up (works on any look)

I ended up using all 4 for one day in New York since I was walking and exploring a lot of places in a day but I would recommend splitting this up if it’s easier.

There you have my staple pieces for my New York weekend trip!

If you need help packing well I have just the thing for you. I have created a freebie Minimalist Weekend Packing List that you can download that has these pieces listed on there, and some extra pieces that work right into the customization.

I hope this was helpful and have a fantastic weekend, make sure you take a bunch of pictures, and I will see you soon ♥ 



Maxi Dress + Mini Dress
Black Mini Dress + White Jeans + Cover-Up


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