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The Best Planner Sizes with Cloth & Paper

The Best Planner Sizes with Cloth & Paper

A walkthrough of what planner sizes I have and what I recommend

In my previous blog post Best Morning Habits for the Busy I mentioned that planning your day is a great way to start the day and be productive.

I have been through various planners and I finally found one that I was loyal to that fit my needs.

All thanks to Cloth & Paper.

If you haven’t heard of Cloth & Paper and love planners then you’re missing out. They have the such classy dashboards and prettiest stationary I have ever seen.

They have several different style of weekly and daily planners and you can choose the size that you would like.

I started with a personal size and then went to a half letter since I needed more room for all the things I do on a daily basis.

The personal size is 3.75 x 6.75 inches. Initially I got this because I wanted the Louis Vuitton mm agenda and this worked out well. Then I realized that it was too small for my needs and I need to split up my planners. This is ideal notes and on the go but it wasn’t working for my office needs.

The next size that I chose was the Half letter at 5.5 x 8.5 inches. This is slightly smaller than the A5 since I wanted something somewhat compact and to fit the Louis Vuitton Desk Agenda. I do not regret this size at all. Looking at my Desk Agenda in the morning makes me so motivated to write in it.

The third size I have is the HP mini at 4.6 x 7 inches which is slightly bigger than the personal. This was included in the June Sub box with a cover, discs and inserts. (The sub boxes are so worth it)

The Best Planner Sizes with Cloth & Paper: Half Letter

My current setup in my Desk Agenda has my daily layout that has a list of priorities, to do list, notes, and my schedule on the daily. I have the monthly tabs and have 3 months of inserts that I switch out as months ends. I honestly believe this is the best size to have. It’s not to big or small and there’s ample amount of space. I have filled it up on a daily basis for each day and it keeps me focused.

I also have their tear drop and circle stickers that make the planner look even more aesthetically pleasing. I keep these in the folder inserts that you can get off their website.

In the July stationary sub box the theme was travel so I added the packing list to my desk planner and I cannot wait to use it when travel is safe again.

This is a good size that I could throw it in a bigger purse to take on the go but they way I’ve set it up I prefer it to stay on my desk then in my purse.

This would be honestly the best planner for anyone that needs a planner for the office.

The Second Best Planner Sizes with Cloth & Paper: HP Mini

The HP mini has become my notebook that I jot down what I need to do as well as a journal that I can throw in my purse and take with me everywhere. I have a bunch of blank memo inserts. It has a grocery list as well to help me on my bi-weekly trips to the store.

I even have a monthly horizontal insert that came in the sub box that I used specifically for my content creation for my social media.

This has to be my second favorite size to have. It is such a great size if you’re looking for something portable and functional. It’s not too small like the personal one. If you do invest in one of their vanity cases this fits perfectly in the bag.

The Third Best Planner Sizes with Cloth & Paper: Personal

After trial and error this was not the size for me. The cover is cute but the functionality for me was limited because of the size. I like to write a lot and plan out my day and this size just didn’t work for me. If you need more information I would highly recommend checking out YouTube reviews of this size and if it may fit your needs.

Subscription Boxes

If you’re just starting out and don’t know what size you want and don’t want to invest in too much in one size not knowing if you are going to use it then I would suggest getting a subscription box.

I made the mistake of buying so many inserts for the personal and in the end it just sits on my desk unused. Please don’t make the same mistake as me because it isn’t cheap.

The sub boxes are broken down by month to month, 3 months, or 6 months. They have a pen box, a stationary box, or both.

The amount of items your receive are worth valued more than what you would pay for them individually. So I would highly recommend getting the sub box if you can.

If you have been looking for a sign to try to start planning again, this is it. I can’t tell you how excited I amI looking forward to receiving my sub box every month.

The joy I get when I open that box is indescribable and i’m sure other planner enthusiasts can relate.

If you end up getting something from there let me know what you think! Till next time.




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